Sydney From Western Michigan University

😍 Sydney from Western Michigan University!

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#shooketh 💅🏼

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Dreaming of summer for so many reasons right now ☀️

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I realized that trying to compare my body to others was more or less paralyzing. (as in I had no motivation to move my own ass 😂). So I decided to use myself as motivation. I love the skin I’m in, but I don’t think I’ve taken care of my body the way I need to. I think it’s important to develop healthy habits and that’s my goal from here on out. And no I’m not gonna blow your shit up with “fit post” buttttt for all of you who have been meaning to push yourself, been meaning to eat healthier, get to the gym….you’ll get there, just don’t let other (unrealistic body’s) be your motivation because we all have different body types, we all struggle in different areas at different times, but learning to love your body and your flaws will push you to be a better you. Okkkkk done with my rant, byeeee happppy humppp day 💕

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