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😍 Alice from Michigan State University! Fit thong butt!

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Soo I’ve been feeling a lot more defined and have been noticing more shape to my body lately as I continue trying to lose fat/eat healthier,,, • A lot of people ask me about how to reduce cellulite, and I have a theory that may not be true for everyone (or at all, I haven’t researched it) I’ve realized cellulite is more noticeable as gravity pulls your fat/skin down. As I’ve gained more muscle in my butt/legs, the cellulite is sooo much less noticeable, because the muscle gives everything support. The muscle in my butt holds everything up so it doesn’t fall and cause the rippling (I’ve noticed the same with stretch marks; as they expand, they are less textured/noticeable) I really only notice cellulite now when pressure is applied to my butt or legs (when I flex, sit, or push on my body) . • I’ve also noticed that as I decrease my carbs, my muscles are a lot less “full” which causes my cellulite to be more noticeable. (this has to do with glycogen deposits (from carbs) in the muscles causing them to look fuller) So when I was bulking, everything was full, I was gaining more muscle, and cellulite was less noticeable everywhere. • With that being said, try not to fuel your workouts with insecurities. It will just cause a really negative experience for you in and out of the gym. But!! Definitely try to take your body in a different direction to improve your physical and mental health by focusing on positive outcomes!

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Purrrpley👾🌂☂️🎆🔮💜♒️ • Sometimes on the internet you feel all tough n stuff and talk about an arm workout for a whole post…. then you skip the gym for 2 days even though you have time! • Rest days shouldn’t be seen as losing progress or being lazy…. they’re completely necessary. I know this is like a “duhhh” but really some people struggle and push themselves a little too hard! • If you work, do school, workout, cook, clean, work on social media, do relationship stuff, have friends, etc, obvi you will need some time for relaxing! Some days you may be totally feeling going to the gym, and you just prioritize and go to the pool instead 😎. You gotta have a balance and find a way to love what you’re doing everyday. If you feel like you gotta take a break, taaaake that break, the gym will be back tomorrow or the next day.

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New followers tend to ask me a lot of questions that are based off of assumptions, and that’s totally fine because assumptions will always exist, but I just wanted to bring it up,,, • So even though I am “skinny” does not mean I have all of the answers for how to get skinny. I am naturally small because of my genetics and have been trying to gain weight. So if you ask me, for example, “what do you eat in a day”, trying to figure out what to eat to lose weight, I would tell you what I eat, but the answer would not be what you’re looking for. • Be more specific and I will be able to answer your questions!! A lot of times I do not reply to dm’s asking for help because I simply cannot answer without picking apart your brain… I don’t want to lead you guys with false information. Even if you do send me a whole paragraph of what you are like and how you want to be, I honestly don’t feel comfortable answering sometimes, and I hope you can respect that. • But if you really do want a response: Ask general or very specific questions that don’t have to specifically cater to you, like, “what are low calorie meals” or “what are good snacks if I want to lose weight”, or “what are good vegetarian protein options” “what should people focus on if they want to lose weight”, or “what is the best way to gain muscle”. • Also not making this post to point out that I am skinny or that I get dm’s or that people ask me for advice. I’m just trying to explain the reasoning behind why I don’t always answer or how you can ask me questions to get more information out of me. I read every single dm I receive!

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Mini pictorial on how to get up out of the pool for all of you that have been asking 💫😗 . • This week I got my positivity back! For a while I was feeling really down about a lot of things. Wasn’t feeling motivated at all, was not seeing any reward for the work I was putting in, and was just feeling really negatively about everything. . • Everything is always peaches n cream on internet land, but no one gives you the “behind the scenes” on what’s really happening. When you feel unmotivated or like something isn’t worth it, then you are most likely doing something wrong, or you simply don’t have confidence in yourself. . • Fix your technique or way of doing things. Pin point what or who is causing you to feel insecure in what you’re doing and ignore it or point it out. Fix the issue before you fail because of the issue. Keep your goals in line and keep working towards them even if there are obstacles. Remember why you started and who you are. • Where does your motivation come from?

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Goooood afternoon everyone • Today is a day for getting stuff done. I’m planning on getting all of my homework done today so I can reserve more time to work on social media stuff tomorrow lol • It’s honestly exciting for me to complete tasks so I can have more time to do what I want. I struggle a lot with time management and procrastination, but it’s something I try to work on everyday. • If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, I’d highly suggest that you design one for yourself. Mine has helped me stay organized this year so much and I don’t think I will ever NOT use one now. It is basically a journal where you design what you’d like to keep track of. Mostly about habits and staying organized. Pinterest and google have great inspiration for bullet journal pages if you’re interested!

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